When I feel the ugliness rising inside

I confide in the most beautiful thing I can find

And take safety in its destruction

This time safety finds me locked in a garden of

Peace when I see her

A rose bloomed to completion

Velvet skin blushes as I near her

But something about her pollen drew me

To bee or not to bee

Not a question but an obsession

Mesmerized by the uniqueness of her situation

A single rose

Grown through a crack in the pavement of a suburban sidewalk

Unplucked by passers-by

Cheated into believing that she was a weed

I just knew that if I freed her she’d be able to see that

She bloomed

But if I plucked her too soon she would die

I was ill-equipped to provide for her

Still, I needed her

So I sat there

Visibly in awe

Insensibly inaudible

Trying to change my game plan mid-play

I’ve never been so torn to tear a rose from a rosebush before

So why is this misplaced plant a thorn in my spine

But I knew what I’d decide

I am unable to ignore the cries of my own self-service

A slave to the desires of my wilted mind

See my mind is a forest, all its own

One that’s enchanted

And like the blood of a unicorn

It sustains its magic through

Making something once beautiful in purity

Become something that’s beautiful in pure irony

And it’s dying

So selfish still I pluck her from the concrete

Only to watch a red river flow through the valley

She once stood proud

I did not realize her thorns would cut so deep

So here's the thing, I pulled together everything for 5 extra books! The book I'm currently working on (which you definitely don't want to miss) is going to take me a hair longer to finish than originally planned. More on that to come later. For now, I want to get this train BACK on schedule, so if you are an author and are interested in publishing let me help! (It motivates me).

And here is the part where I tell you how to enter the contest and how to win!

  1. Follow me on Instagram @likeapoeticscientist

  2. Create a poem *must be at least 250 words

  3. Tag me in the poem and #TattoosIdes so I can be sure to include all participants

Contest will close 9/15/22

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