Strange Wind

A strange wind blows this evening

It brings with it the whiskey drenched stench of

Confusion and Chaos

And the stale air warm like brandy from the kitchen cupboard

On a summer sunday

The nature of this wind paradoxical indeed

It blows through me

Burning my chest

Enraging spirits quelling my inner demons

Outer demons grow louder

My inner spirit grows stronger the more I fuel it

So I am thankful that wind is a renewable energy

But a strange wind blows

Down into a valley that is unfamiliar

Shunned at the valley’s gate

But where was that wind when the valley had been made barren by great flames

I’m burned out

Strange inconsistent wind

Catering only to the mountain

While the valley waits in ruin

Why do you now seek passage

Although I’ve longed for the reassuring brush of a gentle breeze

This one brings with it an icy chill

Numbing my heart

A freezing wind blows

A violent and unforgiving wind seeking passage

Through a valley that can not take anymore damage

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