Sorry, I like to journal in verse

Toxic Patriarchy taught me how to hide my autism

And I can already hear the gears

Turning in your head

like me stirring in my bed—

I’m a loud sleeper—

it’s late

for someone like me—

and the plate seems egregious—

i must be feeding you absolute

thesis after thesis on topics

that only pique you or my interests which seem to never agree

there’s a pattern here

no system wins when the alpha bets against self interest

it did for the sake of finding safety in prisons

both metaphoric and literally it was simple once I realized that even greek letter were just symbols

i didn’t get it. that we weren’t all doing a bit—

all the time

and playing this fun word association game—

all the time

so I spent all the time trying to play along to this hidden game that does— and doesn’t, exist

burnout was inevitable

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