Projection Chapter One - Again

It's been 660 days since I last saw her... Amaranth Evans. Her damned grandfather-- And her mother-- what even was that back there?

Her damned smile. God how I missed the warmth her smile would bring me. I knew it was more than a job the moment I truly laid eyes on her for the first time.

Oh Madrina, I did what you asked of me. I was a loyal and faithful servant to you. I even got the girl to give up that forsaken rock of yours, but you never came!

I guess it was pretty foolish of me to think you would come. You never did tell me what you were doing in Baltimore that day. A woman who can freely slip through space and time. Not bound by anything more than her own consciousness and will. You decided to show up on 33rd and Greenmount because they don't have chicken boxes in Clark Township, Indiana?! And just as I was losing my parents in that hostile takeover.

Damnit?! Spiritual warfare bullshit! I was still so much younger then. But still old enough to understand my family was too attached to its beliefs. Too stuck in the old ways.

We changed the face of our religious practices when it was deemed primitive and dangerous to worship our Gods.

Lately, I think. I just wish my mother was here, or you madrina. Someone who truly understands what it means to have faith because these dark times haunt me. I miss her. I miss you. I miss everyone. I know I'm supposed to persevere but how do I when there's so much darkness.

It's been 660 days since I've last seen anyone. I can hear Dante's laugh rattling in my brain mocking me. It's getting louder every day, and I know soon comes the day where I get my revenge. He may be an angel and have Lillith, Amaranth, and the stone. but I have one thing he doesn't...

I know I'm still alive.

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