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Langston Hues

My mind is manic

It's mostly manic

But they don't understand it

They say it's damaged

I mostly panic

I'm mostly frantic

Extremely anxious

I'm full of angst

I'm feeling blue

In different hues

I write like Langston

Hoping that the thoughts would dissipate

They think I'm different because I choose not to participate

And my mind is manic

I mean it's kind of manic

I didn't plan this

I'm not different

I just like patterns

I just like patterns

I just like patterns

My mind takes license plates

And makes up stories

I just like patterns

And I compartmentalize well

I isolate my thoughts

My mind's a cabin

You can enter if you'd like a vacation

My mind's a cabin

Get out if it gets kinda dark

My minds cavern

Hope you don't mind

But mine is manic

It's kind of manic

My mind is manic

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