Eyelids like anvils

Sinking my eyes deep

Darkness growing as time passes by

And I can feel my body getting heavier as it

Drowns in fatigue

Half dreams projected into my reality

Forced to watch the world slumber

While I sit awake

In the absence of light

Demons terrorize this world

And I am the only one who can see them

Exhaustion has given me sight

My third eye awakened

But my mind is vacant

All of its inhabitants vacationing in this realm

And I just want to collect my thoughts

And fall asleep

But my thoughts have collected me

Imprisoned me in this state of paralysis

And it's not that I can't move

It's more that I don't want to

My motivation has been stolen

By the golems that hold me hostage

Gargoyles gallivanting

Grotesque gods

Grown in genius

A tortured mind released

And now they're given freedom

I do not have control

But control is what I seek

My freedom can only be bought

By the relinquishment of theirs

So I stare into the haunted hour

Plotting my escape from insanity

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