Crimson Tides

Sometimes we bathe in a crimson tide

Wade in the tears from the piercing cries of victims

From this cold world

Like a rock we stand strong

And it's only years later we realize

That the current actually does affect our future

Yet still we stand there

Slowly eroding into this ocean

Trying to stop it

From corroding the stones around us

And they keep telling us

We should take it with a grain of salt

Then in the same breath wanna ask why so salty

And we're just waiting for our blessings to flow so we can cash in on that rivers bank

I guess sometimes

it's easy to feel like a giant in a fish tank

Or more like a tear drop in the ocean

Slowly sinking into the black depth of hopelessness

Imagining things that don't exist

Hoping to get swallowed into a rift

So one day we can rise again with explosiveness

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