Chance to Grow Up

Give me a chance to grow up

Hold up, I know what you say

Bout my hometown

And I know how I’ve grown up

And I watched how you soak up resources on the outskirts

It seems ignorance and lies

Stitched into the inner thighs of America

Would have the homeless problem sewn up

I know what

You think of me

I know you don’t think of me

I know what you think about now

I was love drunk with the trenches I lived

Trying not to drown

And Recently I’ve sobered up

Speaking out for reasons

Spoken up and echoed by plenty of people before myself

The poor I felt, was nothing compared to the active manipulation of narrative so we could be painted as terrorists by terrorist

America is

Something else

But if nothing else,

I only wanted a chance to grow up, there

To hold just a little piece of my home

As a grown up

Where I could enjoy my community because we

Have all coped but I know that you’re coming

And that means I have to go

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