Okay last one for the night, lol.

Cynicism, I thought of all their criticisms

About a middle child syndrome

And bipolar mental schisms

I just laughed it off

Like what's this mental illness battle, Dawg

While simultaneously having my battle cries be my battle calls

Lean on me, when I'm not strong

And I'd be at ends and odds late nights and early mornings

Foraging through books being rewarded with knowledge of self

Horrified this battle is a travesty of mind but refusing to remain blind

Technology helps drown the injured cells

The thought that you're seeing the world different than everyone else

Inspiring an inquiring mind desperately trying to be a part of society

While your anxiety constantly reminding you don't belong

So you push aside that dream and become antisocial

Just know you can,

Lean on me, when you're not strong

I know so many of us understand when

Life feels like a lose-lose when you're battling it within your two minds

Just keep being you because sometimes to produce one from two

You need a won-won and to win that you gotta won one

see I don't

even have this figured out yet

you can

Lean on me

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