Ocean deep

Every time we speak it's

ocean deep.

I get trapped in your currents


swimming against this feeling

will only spell my demise

So I dive.

I dive deep

begging you to take me under

into your undiscovered depths.

I wanna be ocean deep

I want to feel

So I inhale,

Your waters trickle down my throat

and I thank you

Thank you,

until your ocean rages and

I ride your waves again

take me under


And like the ocean, your body moves fluid with mine

wrapped around me

embracing every inch


And though I fall

deeper into your waters

you never let me touch rock bottom

you know what lies

on your sea bed

So I leap in off of faith

praying I find a way down

and if I may drown

...if I may drown

I drown knowing that my last breath was of love


Ocean deep

I never knew you could be so

When I stood before you I was sure you'd be shallow

and I'd wade

but as your waves crashed

against my knees

I felt an increasing need to be deep as the sea

And as waves continuing

beating down I can hear the broken beat

on land,

the fleeting moments of water gracing man

can cause frustration

but take him and submerge him in a lake and

he'll tell you it's what he was born for

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